History and objectives

Our little story...

La foire du camionneur inc. arose during a special assembly of the Recreation Commission Barraute held in November 1986. Thirty drivers were present at this meeting. A board was formed. He was entrusted with the organization of a big party, we wanted Annual.

Party, because yes it will be a great feast to be held for a full weekend and meet for competitions and parades of hundreds of truckers. The festivities were capped by a draw of a truck and cash prizes. The aim of the developers was to raise funds to eliminate debt caused by the construction of the arena Barraute. This is achieved, the Fair took as its aim to help various local and regional organizations.


Now since 36 years of existence, the Fair managed to exceed its objectives. Each year, the Fair redistributes two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to organizations that open with seniors, youth and health services and disabled people of our region. La foire du camionneur inc. is known in the region and many organizations has turn to it for support in their respective activities.

Each year the activities of the Fair now attracting over 38,000 visitors in our small town. Since then, La foire du camionneur inc. has earned a place of prestige and displays a major event.

Historique la foire